The River LIVE is a live fellowship service on Sunday's at 10:30 am.  We are located at 325 N. Virginia Ave. Carney's Point NJ in a location called The Kings Depot.  We are a non-denominational fellowship that offers weekly Bible Studies, Prayer Times, Children and Teen activities, and Outreach to the community and the East Coast and Aorund the World.  On Sundays, if you attend, come as you are for the word says,"Man looks at the outward appearence but God looks at the heart" We have children's church during service for those interseted.

We are upbeat, Spirit led, and love is overflowing.

Check us out or go live on CTF-TV at 10:30am and praise the Lord with us.

BELOW ARE PAST SERMONS YOU CAN WATCH: (just click on embedded link)

SOME SHOWS HAVE BEEN DELETED FROM ARCHIVES.   1/29 Beilieving or Behavior or Both   Sound of Abundance   The Battle for the Body, SOul and Spirit    July 4, 2011  What is true Freedom   Wisdom a key to your future   For the Cause   5/15 - Dan Brank            Vision:Acts 9  Faith to move mountains  Resurrection Day

http://www.ustream.tto your v/recorded/14094685  Part 4 - Jars of Glory  Part 3 - Jars of Salt  Part 2 - Jars of Water   Part 1 - Jars of Oil  Being  Intimate with Jesus   Slavery made me FREE   Jesus is Busy   6 Lessons from Lazerus   God is up to something  Speak Encouragements not Cursings   Prodical Son  The Body of Christ (being a participant)   Holy Spirit Fire