WXGN 90.5 is our newest addition to CTF-TV.

Currently this monday schedule is on hold, BUT will resume again. Thanks.


Currently you can listen LIVE each Monday from 3pm to 6pm live on CTF-TV.  During other times you can go to the home page and click on WXGN on the left, and listen to the station live.

From 3 to 4pm - The Afternoon Chill with Bill

From 4 to 5pm - Holy Hip Hop Spot with King Richard

From 5 to 6pm - Damascus Drive

Facebook has WXGN for all information. Thanks God Bless


Archive Shows of Damascus Drive:  Live on CTF-Tv at 5 to 6pm est

http://ustre.am/:1mq2Z  1/30

http://ustre.am/:1lLrP  1/23/12

http://ustre.am/:1l7CB  1/16/12





The Afternoon Chill with Big Bass Bill:  Live on CTF-TV at 3 to 4pm est

1/23/12 was not recorded

http://ustre.am/:1mpD0  1/30

http://ustre.am/:1l800  1/16/12





Holy Hip Hoip Spot with King Richard:  Live on CTF-Tv at 4 to 5pm est

http://ustre.am/:1mpQg  1/30

http://ustre.am/:1lLgi  1/23/12

http://ustre.am/:1l7Lk  1/16/12