Grafitti Contest - Fashion Show - Hip Hop Concert

April 16 - from 12 noon to 9pm

Food All Day, Indoor and Outdoor seating. Get there early and get a seat for all day.  


Power Play is an event to bring together many talents in the Body of Christ that the Church may not except as valid. 

From 12 to 4 pm - Grafitti Contest

   Advance registration is required ($10.00)

   Each artist will have 4 hours to design, create, and display for judging at 5pm.  A 4' x 4' piece of Sheetrock will be given to work with.  Entire sheet must be covered. (rules of what is allowed to be painted will be given at registration).  Each artist will bring thier own paint, and any media (air brush, paint brushes, etc.....)  

   Prizes of 1st - $100.00,  2nd- $50.00, 3rd- $25.00 and an overall prize for audiance favorite.

   Special Competition:  If you want to use the SHOWS on CTF-TV as your design, you will get an automatic 4 points when judging at 5pm.

Miracle Monday, The Smiggles, Don't Forget to Bless the Food, The Word, Holy Hip Hop Hour, The Power Hour, Rik Lei Originals.

   We wil be using the Grafitti during the Fashion Show and Concert.



6-7pm Fashion Show with Designers from the East Coast, Designer T's and Jewelry (Rik Lei)


7 - 9pm  HIp Hop Concert -  King Richard, S.O.W., Nassor, MYK, Kevin Hayes, and others......... Love offering will be taken. 


Contact us at:   ctf_tv@yahoo.com  for registration leave your name, address and phone.  Make your check out to The River.  We will send you your registration form.

If  you would like to Model or volunteer contact us also.