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Who is Three Wishes Foundation?

After returning to New Orleans in September of 2005, it was obvious the smallest victims of Katrina were still struggling for survival on the street - dying by the thousands from starvation and illness.

Animals did not have access to the garbage they could normally eat to survive because people did not live in the neighborhoods where the animals were hiding.  The only food available to them was what volunteers left out.

Most Americans are unaware of the continued homeless animal crisis.  The initial rescue efforts received enormous press attention, but news crews have left the scene.

The crisis is staggering, unlike anything America has ever seen.  So was born Three Wishes Foundation to help find homes for these displaced animals across the United States. With the help of Wells Fargo Historic Stagecoach division and Alan Cartwright, 100 displaced pets were transported to California's Bay Area to the welcoming arms of 11 rescue groups. An Adoption Day took place throughout the area were all Katrina survivors found loving homes. It is our wish to help animals find happy, healthy, loving homes.

Three Wishes Foundation has branched out to offer two new programs Emergency Medical Aid for those pets effected by disaster as well as Capital FunRaising for great rescue groups in need of additional revenue streams. But we need your help. Get involved. Become a member. Spread the word.

Please Join Us!

We are a nonprofit 501(c)3 animal welfare organization. If you'd like to get involved or donate, contact us!