Fundraising for TV Station

CTF-TV is raising money to expand our broadcasting to TV. WPSJ which is a DTV station in Hammonton NJ reaches about 5+ million viewer and channel 24.3 in Augusta Georgia

Currently 3-26-2012   NEEDED $10,000   we have reached $4100 who are Foundation Builders

REMAINING Needed !   $5900

Here we go!

Asking for $100 per person to help in this project. Yes $100 and your name will be placed on a full brick on our wall.  $50 for a half brick. and for any donation your name will be placed on the morter and a helper.


Here is how it works. PayPal or send a check to our studio at 6 Second Ave. Pitman NJ 08071   ALL THE FUNDS will be put in an account for this purpose only.  If we can not finish the project due to finances, we will send your money back, YES send it back.  When it does happen, your name or someone you wish will be engraved on a wall located at the studio as a founder on the TV station. PLUS you get a tax-eductable reciept.  We will even make it for 2011 even though it may be 2012.  NOTHING to lose, NEED YOUR HELP.


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