CTF-TV Atlanta is our new affiliate bringing the Gospel and News worthy information to Georgia and the World.

Executive Producers: Kenneth and Kevin Hall will be hitting the streets of Atlanta Georgia to bring you news and information on relevant events that effect today's Christian Community. They will also be bringing you local cultural events as well so if you like reality t.v., raw and unrehearsed street footage with a Christian focus and addressing issues that effect your community stay tuned!


Below is the news interviews with Host Kevin Hall


http://youtu.be/MKLHNyBnmIE  OCCUPY ATLANTA

http://youtu.be/aYf5PAMngEE  Atlanta Promo 

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoMm1m1kfFY    The 47 Spot                                      




 Feel free to drop us a line  ctf_tv_atl@yahoo.com